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Liminal Spaces

I used to know a woman that would dread the Spring. She said it was the vernalagnia that always messed up her life. The Spring Fever would hit and whoever she was dating would up and leave her. She recognized that something essential in the calendar spoke to people and made them feel the needContinue reading “Liminal Spaces”

Late Luck

I awoke this morning around 5am and dragged my ring light outside. My plan was to take pictures of a bromeliad I had planted in the little garden there. I figured that the ring light would black everything behind it and I might get something amusing. Plus the plant was close to an outside socket.Continue reading “Late Luck”

Couch Surfing

I took a couple of snaps this morning. I saw the nice morning light on the orchid and got my camera out. As I circled around the plant for the right shot I thought about getting out the ring light or one of the LEDs I had recently bought. I would use them as fills.Continue reading “Couch Surfing”

Swooping & Plodding

Supposedly Kurt Vonnegut once divided the world of authors into two camps: swoopers and plodders. The swoopers dash it all in in a stroke of brilliance. The plodders grind out every word. In writing, I am definately a plodder. When i was a painter and a cartoonist, I wasnt very good at planning ahead. IContinue reading “Swooping & Plodding”


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