Liminal Spaces

I used to know a woman that would dread the Spring.

She said it was the vernalagnia that always messed up her life. The Spring Fever would hit and whoever she was dating would up and leave her. She recognized that something essential in the calendar spoke to people and made them feel the need to change as well. People needed to move; to change jobs. People needed to leave her.

Her theory extended to an autumnal agnia as well. The advent of Fall made people want to change their lives. It was the shoulders of the seasons that caused disruption; the solstices promoted stability. This seemed right to me on an intuitive level. But maybe she just didnt want to date anyone for more than six months.

So here we are getting ready to change the clocks and I find myself rearranging the house and feeling restless.

This is an Aechmea; a type of Bromeliad.

I was at the grocery store and was settling in on a couple more orchids. I had them in the cart when I saw this. It seemed familiar even though I didnt really know what it was. I put the orchids back and selected this and a sunflower. I would try to keep some new things alive.

It turns out it was familiar because my mom has one. I had admired the patterned leaves and dramatic flower on her deck. So maybe I didnt want something completely new. Maybe the turns take you back home too.

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