Late Luck

I awoke this morning around 5am and dragged my ring light outside.

My plan was to take pictures of a bromeliad I had planted in the little garden there. I figured that the ring light would black everything behind it and I might get something amusing. Plus the plant was close to an outside socket. Ring light. Beautiful light. Can’t go wrong. Another perfect plan.

Several critical errors. One: I figured the ring would be enough to light the scene to where I could get f5 or so at 200 iso. Wrong. I couldnt hold the camera as steady as I thought at that combination, half crouched in the mud as I was with a head full of sleep.

Then the mosquitos hit. Drawn in by the light and my delicious, delicious blood, I was beset. I thought they had all gone to hell for the Fall, but no. The timer on this whole affair had started ticking. Ideas like pulling in a tripod went out the window as the bugs started biting.

So I got to a point where the bed was calling me back. But I was pretty sure I didnt have much in the can. So I took a stab at a shooting a leaf that seemed to have some amusing colors. Plus I could shoot it standing upright and save my aching back. So I took a couple snaps. This was a plant that I’ve been close to declaring dead few times, but it seemed to be doing well overall.

Nothing special. But after 10 snaps or so, I noticed that I was not alone.

On the very branch I had a chosen was a tiny Brown Anole and he was giving me a wary eye.

Now: I love these guys. They Spiderman up and down my garage door in a crazy panic when I come home. There is one outside my office window that owns the branch and lets everybody know about it with a cool strutty headbob. It can actually be a little distracting watching him when I’m on calls.

In short: I was delighted to see him and here he is:

Nothing fantastic, but a small reward and nothing I set out after.

A lot of shoots go that way.

Something appears after I’ve given up on what I thought I wanted but hadn’t yet quit on the whole endeavor. If I’m patient and open, little things often present themselves.

I need to remember that.

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