Couch Surfing

I took a couple of snaps this morning.

I saw the nice morning light on the orchid and got my camera out. As I circled around the plant for the right shot I thought about getting out the ring light or one of the LEDs I had recently bought. I would use them as fills. Where would they need to be and what would that look like?

Then I just decided to just sit down on the couch.

My pops used to do this. He would just sit and let the shots come to him.

So I did. The sun came up slowly over the roof of the house in the lot behind mine. It was good for a minute. Then it was harsh, then it was flat. Under it the petals of the orchid twinkled like frost on snow. It’s anther slipped in and out of focus pleasantly. I chuckled to myself about the fanciful curl; like a Dali mustache. Like devil’s horns spinning into some untenable fibonacci curve that cant sustain itself and falls apart at the terminus.

And then it was done.

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