Swooping & Plodding

Supposedly Kurt Vonnegut once divided the world of authors into two camps: swoopers and plodders. The swoopers dash it all in in a stroke of brilliance. The plodders grind out every word. In writing, I am definately a plodder.

When i was a painter and a cartoonist, I wasnt very good at planning ahead. I would have an idea and part of the fun was seeing where it led. When I talk to authors who have their novels all outlined out to the last detail it seems crazy to me. If you knew what was going happen the actual writing it down seems like a tedius chore.

Which takes me to today’s photos. I went out this morning looking for birds. Even though I didnt snap any frames, I had a fine time just standing around in a feild looking at listening to see what would happen. These studio shots are something different. There’s no element of chance: you set everything up. I am struggling a bit with it, but it’s certainly a different muscle.

I found out this week that one of my coworkers is a well-known photographer in Dallas. Here is a gallery of his work. Goddamn! That guy is in some tight control. So with the week’s challenge being light and words I thought about looking at folds and creases. This was the only thing in my wallet, so here we go.

Seems sort of childish, but I plod forward.

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